Military Area

We run dedicated Arma3 servers i, where we play our own made missions. The servers are dedicated Linux servers, details like addons needed, Arma3 Sync Auto-Config URL, etc. can be found at the Forum.

All of our missions (which are mostly coop missions, more details also at the Forum) require an tactical approach to suceed. Tactical in terms of making up a plan ahead of the mission, applying proper tactics during the mission and adapting the plan and/or tactics, when it seems necessary. Rambo or Call of Duty playing style will get you nowhere here.

We are looking for motivated Arma players (regardless their skill level), which are up for tactical gameplay. We think, its possible to have a great time and good vibes, while playing Arma3 on a higher level than just plain "run&aim&shoot&run...". So if you want to have a game with us, just hop on our TeamSpeak server (TS Details) and join our server!

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Hell in the Pacific

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Hell in the Pacific is a full conversion mod, bringing the scenario of the Pacific war during WWII to Arma2.

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Missions & Code Snippets

We are releasing missions for both Arma3 as for Hell in the Pacific on a more or less regular base. Most of our missions are coop missions, detailed descriptions are available at the Forum.

Code snippets which have been proven to work reliably will also be released there.

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